Audition Information

Auditions for the 2020 season will be held on Sundays May 17  (1-4 PM, woodwinds and brass only) and May 24 (1-6PM, all instruments including percussion). Auditions are located at City Hall, 303 W Wesley St, Wheaton, IL, 60187. Please fill out the Audition Time Request Form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a return email confirming an audition time.

Auditions are based on 2 sight reading excerpts, with the short page of prepared music used to break ties in sight reading scores only. The prepared music is available here. The sight reading music is at an approximate grade level of 5 (1-6 scale). Musical parameters that are considered in the audition are tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, musicality, and technical facility. Musicians should be outstanding high school band students over the age of 15, college students, or adults. Auditions are "blind" (judges do not see the people who audition), and last approx. 5 minutes. Percussion auditions are not blind and are performed directly in front of judges to allow the judges to accurately assess stick and mallet technique.

Note for musicians who are auditioning for the WMB:  the WMB expects its members to sight read music of many different fonts and sizes at a very high level, and then perform the music the following day without taking the music home to practice.   To that end, members should be proficient at reading "march" size (about 5" deep by about 7" wide) music, and music that is printed by hand-written manuscript.   Musicians should expect to see some of this type of music at auditions.

All those who audition on E-flat clarinet must also audition on B-flat clarinet, all those who audition on piccolo must also audition on flute, and all those who audition on English Horn must also audition on oboe.  Percussionists must audition on all 3 percussion parts -- snare, timpani and keyboard.

Those who think they will be able to play at least half of the season concerts may audition for a "regular" spot in the band. Others should request to audition for a "substitute" spot.

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